What is Organizational Management?

Organizational Management recognizes the systemic relationship between values, strategy, structure, processes, and people.

Achieving exceptional business results requires intentional interaction between values, strategy, structure, processes, and people. Root cause issues causing dysfunction in most organizations relate back to a misunderstandings of the science based principles governing the interaction of the these five areas.

Delivering on your people promise is about more than training in good management

Most leaders focus their attention on getting talented people and training them to behave as effective managers. While well intended, the return on investment is often limited because the structure and systems are not aligned synergistic with values and strategy, creating obstacles not easily overcome by good managers. 


Values create the foundation of a company’s culture. They declare what behaviors are important and often establish key areas of competitive advantage that should not be compromised.

Have a Clear Strategy

Strategy is a written and communicated plan of how business success will be achieved. It is the primary task of the senior leader. All actions across the organization are linked to this plan.

Design the right Structure and select the right people

The structure is designed to implement the strategy. People are specifically matched to roles based on whether their capabilities are suited to the level of the role.

Create effective and efficient systems and processes

A specific accountability of executive leadership is to ensure effective and efficient systems and processes. Poor systems reduce trust in management and creates obstacles to effective execution.

apply the key organizational manangement principles

The key people principles and behaviors of effective organizational management  should be taught to managers and practiced across the organization.

The secret to building a high performance organization

Are you ready to begin? I am happy to simply coach you through the process of building an elite organization. You move at your own pace and customize the five areas to your organization.

Initial Meeting

Take advantage of up to a half day at no cost to discuss where you are in your journey and how organizational issues may be impacting results. Startups generally have free access. Moving forward you will decide when and if to utilize my help.

Deciding the right approach

Because I am a former global executive I bring my experience as well as my significant passion and knowledge of the science of organizational management. I coach you to decide your best approach to achieve organizational goals.

No wasted effort

I can teach the principles or for larger organizations, I know several associates that can bring consulting resources to help. I believe the executive team needs to determine where the focus should be before committing resources. This ensures that you maximize results at an early point in your effort to gain results

No long-term commitment

My interest is in helping organizations achieve their fullest potential. You choose when my help is no longer needed.

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