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Ron J. Harding

While Ron has a degree in Chemical Engineering, he spent much of his career being assigned as a turn-around specialist for dysfunctional manufacturing units as well as small and large businesses, eventually running a growing half billion-dollar global business. In these assignments he used science-based organizational management to transform each into high performance organizations with dramatic positive side effects in culture and business results.

When he retired as a global executive, he continued his involvement in organizational management as a board member of the

He also has been a volunteer mentor to numerous startups with early-stage advice related to value proposition, business strategy, and fund raising. Several are now using Ron as a coach to implement their high-performance management system and “best place to work” culture.

Ron currently coaches small to midsize enterprises (SME) in business strategy and organizational issues, including not for profits. He also provides career advice to numerous individuals across a wide array of interests. Ron’s clients are spread across the world but Ron calls North Carolina home.

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  1. Bill L. says:

    Enjoying reading your blog & remembering the requisite organization tools from MBI. That time was a highlight and an excellent learning opportunity – wish I would’ve been more aware of how valuable experience it was while it was happening! Hope you keep it going.

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