I am often amazed when some casual player in Requisite Organization (RO) principles decides to apply these principles to dysfunctional organization practices. For example, I read recently a post about how cross functional RO principles might be applied to a “matrix” organization. The comment essentially was about having two bosses and how RO can help. While RO brings many practical solutions to managing an organization, its power is in preventing organizational problems through establishing a requisite system. Call me a purist if you like, but RO is a system and it can not be requisite if the full system is not in place.

If an organization has employees with two bosses, that organization is not applying RO. Doing such practices openly is no less dysfunctional than doing them inadvertently; maybe more damaging sense management is sanctioning such practices. Applying TIRR’s to such a situation may pacify one problem but does not resolve the root issue and therefore conflicting accountabilities still exist.

When consultants and academics, often with no real management experience, attempt to apply RO, they often believe that management theories can be applied like band-aids or maybe as the finger in the dyke. When RO is applied this way it proves such individuals lack an understanding of real RO.


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