Common words often have many meanings and interpretations. For example “work” is a common term often […]
In our society we tend to define leadership as something almost mystical. The ability to draw […]
They are not really teens, but rather young energetic managers assigned a major task by senior […]
Every manager prefers to avoid dealing with an under-performing employee. The likelihood of conflict, time-consuming meetings […]
I have read many of the books and articles compelling managers to delegate more. The implied, […]
I’m currently reading the book, It’s All About Work, Organizing Your Company To Get Work Done” […]
I am often amazed when some casual player in Requisite Organization (RO) principles decides to apply […]
A friend asked my opinion about “functional stewardship”. I assume the name comes from an attempt […]
I recently had a discussion with a small business owner who wanted to take his business […]
Small and start-up companies are constantly being told about the importance of a business plan. Its […]